3 Reasons Why Music Is The Best Choice For Team-Building

When it comes to choosing a team-building activity that will help an entire workplace to bond and work more coherently as a group, it’s important to choose a task that the vast majority can get involved in. Many are put off by terrifying team-building assault courses, and those dreaded orienteering residential trips always end with one team stranded out in the open countryside when their compass fails.

What’s the one thing that brings people together like nothing else? What is one area of culture that almost everyone has some form of interest in? That’s right – music. Whether you’re into classic rock, 18th century operettas or conventional mainstream pop, you’ll find some form of music fan in everyone, making it the ideal task for team-building activities. Take a look at our top reasons why music is the best way to unite your team:

  1. It’s energising. When you work as a team to create your own music, it’s bound to be an energising experience. Nobody wants to be the person that pens a heartfelt ballad with a totally straight face, and while it’s encouraged that people take their music tuition seriously during the session, it’s also good to have a little fun. Writing a witty song and performing it to workmates, or nailing a performance with your colleagues is a fantastic way to energise the group and give them a real morale boost.
  2. It breaks down barriers. Those with very diverse workplaces, with a range of cultural backgrounds, ages and personalities, will often find that choosing a team-building exercise is hard. Music transcends all of those things – it doesn’t matter whether you pair up a twenty-one-year old graduate with a fifty-year-old manager; if they’re working on something musical, they immediately have a common ground and can use it to their advantage.
  3. It boosts creativity. Being dynamic, creative and open to new ideas is important in many businesses nowadays, and nothing encourages open-mindedness like creating new music together. Employees can discover new creative channels they didn’t know, they can improve the way in which they communicate ideas in a group, and they can think outside of the box to produce something very special to perform for their colleagues.

So there you have it – music is the definitive way to unite your team at work and ensure that they come out of the team-building activity refreshed, rejuvenated and with an open mind as to what they can achieve when they work together.

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