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Fun Team Building and Off-Site Events in London

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Do you want a non-boozy team building activity to bring your team together so that they are in the moment, focussed and together for a few hours?

Would you like to (quite literally) get your team to sing from the same song sheet? Do you want to gel a new team? Get everyone together for a fun day? Make a music video? Have an inter-team battle of the bands? We’ve got you covered.

No prior musical experience is necessary to take part in this activity. It is (brilliantly) the musical equivalent of ‘paint by numbers’ and everybody is welcome! Unlike a sporty event or something presented by a David Brent-style host, this event is inclusive and we will do our utmost to take everyone’s minds away from their inboxes and playfully right here, right now, having fun with their colleagues. We can bring ukulele fun to any event. Whether you have 10 or 100 people, we’ll have you all playing a popular song or three on the ukulele.

If it’s a large scale event, or you’d like to furnish your attendees with ukuleles, drop us a line and we will make it happen.

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